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About Unity Electric Mtorshop

Founder and owner of unity electric (Hans) is a former employee of galaxy electric (1988-1995) and has been servicing the floor sanding machines at unity electric for 20 years (1995-present).
Unity Electric has been authorized warranty repair centre for Clarke American sanders since 2006.
Unity electric stocks most of the parts for Clarke American sanders such as Floor Crafter, American 8, FM series polishers, CAV vaccums, edgers etc…

UEMS at its new location (since March 2015, 36 Gordon Mackay Rd.) neighbouring the central location of Brampton hardwood flooring which is the exclusive bona product distributor and bona equipment warranty services are done in our facilities next door.

UEMS Also offers full service and preventive maintenance for Hummel belt sanders and stocks omen parts for belt sander rewinding the motor to original specks and properly servicing the top roller and mechanism on hummel is very important and has a big effect on floor such as chatter marks or waves etc…

Servicing Clarke 504 and galaxy drum and belt machines has always been a part of our business such as full electrical and mechanical repair, and we stock large selection of the rebuilt and new parts for these machines.At UEMS after more than 27 years of working on floor sanding machines we have determine if you have a Unwanted mark on your sanded floor defiantly a mechanical or electrical problem with your machine is causing that, and we are here to pin point and solve the problem.

Dynamic and static balancing, Aluminium welding, full machine shop, rewinding and much more…
Are the services we offer in our facility?

Unity Electric Motorshop